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2007-2014 GM 1500 Lift Kit (CCM071500-01)


2007-2014 GM 1500 Lift Kit


Tool List:

     -Floor Jack

     -Jack Stands

     -Hack Saw

     -Assorted Metric Tools

Lift Instructions

  1. Raise vehicle and support frame with jack stands.
  2. Remove front wheels.
  3. Disconnect sway bar and move out of the way.
  4. Disconnect ABS line from front upper control arm and knuckle.
  5. Separate upper ball joint by removing the nut and striking the side of the knuckle with a large hammer. (Don’t strike the threads)
  6. Remove three upper strut nuts.
  7. Remove lower strut bolts.
  8. Remove strut from the vehicle.
  9. Install the CCM Offroad upper strut mount spacer on the strut, using new hardware that is supplied. Torque to 40ft-lbs. (Can only go on one way)
  10. With a hacksaw or other cutting tool, cut the studs so they are flush with or just below the new upper mount.
  11. Place a floor jack under the lower control arm
  12. Install the lower bolts and torque to 40 ft-lbs.
  13. With the floor jack raise the lower control arm so the new studs go through the factory holes and continue until the upper ball joint can be reattached.
  14. Torque upper mount nuts to 40 ft-lbs and the ball joint to 70 ft-lbs.
  15. Reattach ABS line to upper control arm. Reattach sway bar.
  16. Reinstall front wheels and set back on the ground. (Torque to factory specs)
  17. Have front end alignment checked.
  18. Re-torque all hardware after 500 miles.

Lift Instructions Rear

  1. Lift rear of truck and support the frame with jack stands
  2. Remove lower shock mounting bolts
  3. With a jack under the axle remove the factory u-bolts from one side
  4. Lower axle enough to install block (if your truck came with a factory block remove it at this time) with the taller side toward the rear
  5. Raise axle back to leaf spring with the leaf pin in the center hole
  6. Install new u-bolts and hardware
  7. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Lower to the ground and torque to 85 ft. lbs.
  9. Install lower shock bolts.