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2005-Pres Ford F250 F350 (CCM111201)



2005-2015 Ford F-250/350/450 Super Duty 4wd

2” Leveling Kit With Shock Extension Kit



Tool List:

     -Floor Jack

     -Jack Stands

     -Assorted Metric Tools

Lift Instructions

  1. Raise vehicle and support frame with jack stands.
  2. Remove front wheels.
  3. Disconnect sway bar and move out of the way.
  4. Position floor jack under front axle and lightly support.
  5. Remove upper shock mount nut, remove upper shock bushing half.
  6. Lower axle until the coil spring can be removed.
  7. Remove bolt retaining lower spring perch to front axle.
  8. Place 2” spacer between axle and lower spring perch.
  9. Secure with new 100mm bolt and washer apply a few drops of thread locker on bolt and torque to 80 ft. lbs.
  10. Reinstall coil spring making sure it is located in the lower spring perch.
  11. Remove lower half of upper shock mount bushing.
  12. Install shock extension over upper shock stem, re-install the lower half of the upper shock mount bushing.
  13. Raise floor jack until upper half of the shock mount bushing can be installed and tighten until the rubber bushing swells.
  14. Reconnect sway bar end links
  15. Reinstall front wheels and set back on the ground. (Torque to factory specs)
  16. Re-torque all hardware after 500 miles.




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