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2000-2010 GM 1500HD/2500HD/3500HD (CCM2500K)

CCM2500K 2000-2010 GM 8 Lug Trucks



Tool List:

     -Floor Jack

     -Jack Stands

     -Assorted Metric Tools

     -GM Torsion Bar Tool or Two Armed Gear Puller

Lift Instructions Front

  1. Park the truck on level ground and measure the height of the fender lip
  2. Jack up the front of the truck and support the frame with jack stands
  3. With an 18mm socket remove the torsion bar adjusting bolt
  4. Using a GM torsion bar tool apply pressure to torsion key
  5. Remove adjuster bolt retaining plate
  6. Slowly release the tension on the torsion bar tool
  7. With tool removed slide torsion bar forward
  8. The factory torsion bar key can now be removed
  9. Install new torsion bar key by reversing the install procedure
  10. Insert adjuster bolt about halfway as a good starting point
  11. Set truck back down and do a quick test drive
  12. Check height of truck and adjust accordingly.
  13. Have truck aligned


Lift Instructions Rear

  1. Lift rear of truck and support the frame with jack stands
  2. Remove lower shock mounting bolts
  3. With a jack under the axle remove the factory u-bolts from one side
  4. Lower axle enough to install block (if your truck came with a factory block the new one is placed on top) with the taller side toward the rear
  5. Raise axle back to leaf spring with the leaf pin in the center hole
  6. Install new u-bolts and hardware
  7. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Lower to the ground and torque to 85 ft. lbs.
  9. Install lower shock bolts

Shock Extension Bracket Installation

  1. Lift the front of the truck and support the frame with jack stands
  2. Remove upper shock mounting nut
  3. Remove lower shock mounting bolt
  4. Remove the shock from the vehicle
  5. Remove two bolts that attach lower shock mount to lower control arm and discard lower shock mount, retain hardware
  6. Install CCM Offroad shock mount with the shock mounting hole in the highest position, install factory bolts and torque to 45 ft lbs.
  7. Reverse the shock removal procedure
  8. Repeat on the other side.